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as a noun, 'style' refers to a distinctive appearance, design, or arrangement, often related to fashion, writing, or manner of doing something.

'Style' can refer to a manner of writing, a distinctive appearance in fashion, or a way of doing something. It can also refer to a tool for inscribing or impressing.

1. The style of this painting is reminiscent of the Renaissance period.

2. Her writing style is both concise and evocative.

3. He has a unique style of solving problems.

don't confuse 'style' with 'stylish.' While 'style' refers to a distinctive manner or method, 'stylish' is an adjective that means having or displaying style.


as a verb, 'style' means to design or make in a particular form.

'style' can refer to the act of designing or arranging hair, clothing, etc., in a particular way. It can also mean to classify or term in a particular way.

1. She styles her hair in a sleek bun everyday.

2. The photographer is going to style the models in vintage clothing.

'style' as a verb is often used in the context of fashion, design, or hairdressing. Ensure that its use is appropriate for the context.

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