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sun is a noun that means a star from which radiates light and warmth. It is the main source of energy for life on earth as well as day and night cycles. Additionally, it is often associated with power, light, illumination, and life. Rules for its usage include being capitalized when referring to the sun as a celestial object. Common mistakes when using the sun as a noun are not capitalizing it or confusing it for other celestial bodies such as stars and planets.

1. Scientists predicted that the sun would rise at 6

00 am.

2. The sun was shrouded by thick storm clouds, blocking its warming rays.

3. We all basked in the sun's radiant warmth at the beach.

when referring to the sun, use the capitalized form when referring to it as a celestial object. Also note that when describing the sun, words like 'glow,' 'radiant,' and 'warmth' may be used to highlight its energy and life-giving qualities.

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