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a surprise is a noun that means something unexpected or unanticipated. Generally, it takes the form of an event or gift that someone didn't expect. It is a fundamental concept in that it is used to experience positive emotions such as joy, elation, and contentment. It also implies the unknown, which can be both exciting and anxiety provoking.

1. I got you a surprise for your birthday.

2. It was a pleasant surprise to find out I had won the contest.

3. They were surprised to learn they failed the test.

when expressing surprise in terms of a negative event or situation, always be sure to use a polite tone. You can also use some hesitation phrases like 'I must say I'm a bit surprised' or 'To be honest, I didn’t expect that' to soften the blow of a bad surprise. Additionally, when giving a surprise, make sure to dress it up in a flattering way so that the receiver doesn’t feel overwhelmed.


surprise, as a verb, refers to the action of catching someone off guard with an unexpected event or situation. This term is mainly used in informal contexts, when someone doesn’t have the time to process a situation before it occurs.

surprise can only be used to describe sudden or unexpected situations or events and not for gradual changes.

1. She surprised us by showing up unannounced.

2. He was surprised when his boss asked him to work the weekend.

3. They were surprised to discover they had won the lottery.

when using surprise to describe a good event or situation, always maintain a positive tone. Also remember to use adjectives to capture the suddenness and excitement of the surprise, such as 'sudden,' 'startling,' or 'shocking.' Additionally, when describing the recipient of the surprise, it is usually better to use the third person pronoun 'they' or 'them' than the second person pronoun 'you.' This makes the phrase sound less direct and more natural.

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