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an adjective is a word used to modify or describe a noun or pronoun. 'Suspicious' is used to describe something which arouses suspicion, or is characterized by suspiciousness. This could mean that someone or something appears to be guilty of a crime or wrongdoing, or it could mean that there is reason to be cautious or wary of something or someone.

rules and use cases associated with this word include the comparison of two entities with suspiciousness being the determining factor. For example, a comparison of someone's actions as either suspicious or innocuous.

1. She had a suspicious glare that made them uncomfortable.

2. The investigators found suspicious activity in the area.

3. His suspicious behavior drew the police's attention.

tips, nuances, and common mistakes associated with the word's use in an adjective capacity include ensuring that it matches the noun or pronoun it is modifying in terms of number and gender. Additionally, be aware of the negative connotations that come with accusing someone or something of being 'suspicious'. Unless it is clear that wrongdoing is present, opt for other words which convey the same meaning, but without the potential for an insinuation of guilt or wrong doing.

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