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as an adjective, 'sweltering' describes conditions that are oppressively hot and humid. It can be used to describe the weather, a place, or even metaphorically to describe a situation or feeling.

'sweltering' is used to emphasize extreme heat, often to the point of discomfort. It can describe both the actual temperature and the feeling of being in such heat.

We walked through the sweltering desert without any shade in sight.

The gym was sweltering because the air conditioning was broken.

The pressure of the deadline created a sweltering atmosphere in the office.

'sweltering' is often used in the context of summer or tropical climates. It's a strong adjective, so it's best used when you want to emphasize the intensity of the heat. Avoid redundancy by not pairing 'sweltering' with other words that mean 'hot,' like 'hot sweltering day.' Instead, simply say 'sweltering day.'


'swelter' as a verb means to be uncomfortably hot. 'Sweltering' can be its present participle form.

We were sweltering in the midday sun without any water.

Without any fans or air conditioning, everyone in the room was sweltering.

The plants are sweltering under the intense summer heat.

the verb form is less commonly used than the adjective form, but it's still understood in context. When using 'swelter' as a verb, it often implies a sense of suffering or being overwhelmed by the heat.

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