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adverb 'swiftly' answers the question 'in what manner.' It highlights that the action is performed speedily and quickly.

adverbs typically come before or after a verb in a sentence, enhancing the meaning of the action that is taking place. For example, one can say, 'He moved swiftly across the room,' or 'He swiftly moved across the room.' However, they cannot be used alone as a verb and must always be coupled with a verb.

1. She completed the task swiftly.

2. The deer ran swiftly away.

3. The river flowed swiftly towards the sea.

it is important to note that 'swiftly' should not be replaced with other terms too lightly, as it does not have the same meaning as related words such as 'quickly' or 'rapidly.' Its usage is used to connote grace and agility coupled with speed, whereas the other two primarily focus on the accelerated pace only.

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