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a 'table' is a noun that means an item of furniture composed of a flat surface supported by one or more legs in which to place objects. Tables can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. It can also be used to describe a chart or arrangement of data for a work task or school project.

1. I just bought a new wooden table for the living room.

2. I need to create a table that will compare our production costs with those of our competitors.

3. The history teacher asked the class to organize the timeline of events into a table.

to avoid confusion, use the phrase 'table of' when describing a chart or arrangement of data.


when 'table' functions in an adjectival manner, it describes something that is related to, resembling, or used with a table.

'table' can be used to describe items or features associated with tables. It can also be used in compound nouns where it describes a specific type of table or a feature related to a table.

We bought a table cloth to protect the wood from stains.

The restaurant offers table service, so you don't need to order at the counter.

She purchased a table lamp for her study desk.

when 'table' is used in an adjectival manner, it's often in compound nouns. In these cases, it's describing a specific type or feature of the noun it's paired with. Be cautious not to overuse 'table' as an adjective when a more suitable adjective exists. For instance, instead of saying 'table-like surface,' you might simply say 'flat surface.


as a verb, 'table' can mean to discuss, consider, or postpone something.

rules and use cases of this word depend on the context in which it is used. In the context of a discussion, 'table' can refer to the act of postponing an idea, motion, or plan for further consideration. Meanwhile, in the context of an assembly or public meeting, 'table' can refer to the act of considering a proposal or motion without a vote.

1. Let’s table the idea of a vacation until we have more money saved up.

2. The city council tabled the proposal so that more research on the issue can be conducted.

3. After much deliberation, the board of directors decided to table the motion.

in some contexts, to 'table' can also mean to put forward or introduce a particular motion or idea. It is also often used in the phrase 'table a motion,' which means to postpone until a later date.

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