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as a noun, 'talking' refers to the act or process of communicating verbally.

'talking' as a noun can be used to refer to a discussion or conversation. It can also be used in certain fixed expressions or idioms.

There has been a lot of talking, but no decision has been made.

All this talking has made me thirsty.

Actions speak louder than talking.

when using 'talking' as a noun, it's often in the context of discussions or conversations, so it's important to differentiate it from its verb form based on the sentence structure.

The phrase 'Actions speak louder than words' is more common than 'Actions speak louder than talking,' but both can be understood in context.


'talking' is the present participle form of the verb 'talk.' When used as a verb, it describes the action of communicating verbally with someone.

as the present participle of 'talk,' 'talking' can be used in continuous tenses to indicate an ongoing action.

She is talking to her friend on the phone.

I was talking about the new project with my colleagues.

Talking loudly in the library is prohibited.

remember that 'talking' in continuous tenses indicates an ongoing action, so it's used to describe something that's happening at the moment of speaking or around it. When 'talking' functions as a gerund, it's not describing an action performed by the subject but rather is acting as a subject or object itself.

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