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as a noun, 'taste' refers to the sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat when a substance is sampled. It can also refer to a person's preference or liking for particular flavors or things, as well as a brief experience or trial of something.

The taste of the lemon was too sour for me.

She has excellent taste in fashion.

He left town for a taste of adventure.

'taste' as a noun can be used in various contexts, from food to aesthetics to experiences. It's important to differentiate between the physical sensation of tasting something and the broader concept of personal preference or discernment.


as a verb, 'taste' primarily refers to the act of perceiving flavor or quality of something by means of the tongue. It can also mean to have a particular flavor or to experience or undergo a particular sensation or feeling.

I tasted the soup to check if it needed more salt.

The fruit tastes sweet.

She has tasted success, and now she wants more.

'taste' as a verb can be used both literally (relating to flavors) and figuratively (experiencing a sensation or feeling). Be cautious not to confuse 'taste' with 'test' when checking something.

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