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as a noun, 'taunt' refers to a remark or an action meant to provoke, mock, or insult someone.

The player responded angrily to the taunts from the crowd.

Her taunts were meant to belittle and hurt him.

He endured the taunts of his peers with grace and patience.

a 'taunt' is not a casual or playful tease; it has a more negative connotation, implying intent to harm or provoke.

It's important to differentiate between light-hearted teasing and the more malicious intent of a taunt.


as a verb, 'taunt' refers to the act of provoking or mocking someone, often with insulting remarks, to incite or challenge them in some way.

The bullies taunted him about his new glasses.

She was taunted for her decision to change careers.

Opposing fans taunted the goalkeeper after he missed the save.

'taunt' implies a level of malice or intention to provoke. It's stronger than just teasing or joking with someone. Ensure that the context makes it clear that the action is meant to provoke or mock.

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