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when 'than' is used as a conjunction, it serves to make a comparison between two items or ideas. In order words, it joins two parts of a sentence to draw a comparison between them.

when using 'than' as a conjunction, it is important to be aware of which verb tense is being used in the sentence. For example, 'I liked the pizza better than Mike did' is grammatically correct, whereas 'I like the pizza better than Mike does' is incorrect.

1. 'I wanted to stay longer than he did.'

2. 'She likes reading more than watching TV.'

3. 'That swimsuit is nicer than the one he bought.'

be aware of incorrect usage as a noun, as this would have no direct comparison being made and would affect the way the sentence is structured. For example 'He is bigger than Mike' is correct, whereas 'He is bigger than Mike is' is incorrect.

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