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the noun ‘theme’ can be used to refer to a topic of conversation, a particular idea set, or a motif in a work of art or literature. It is an idea that is central to a piece or text and often ties it together. It can be used in a variety of contexts across different fields, such as literature, psychology, politics, and more.

as a noun the word ‘theme’ can be used in both singular and plural form. When it is used in the singular form, it is usually followed by the definite article ‘the’. For example, 'The theme of this novel is revenge.' When it is used in the plural form, ‘themes’ is often preceded by a possessive adjective (e.g., my, his, her), a definite article (the), or a demonstrative adjective (these, those). For example, 'These themes are explored in depth in the novel.'

1. 'The theme of this year’s school play is friendship.'

2. 'My teacher told us to explore different themes for our project.'

3. 'Themes of loss and redemption are prevalent in the novel.'

it is important to remember that a theme is not the same as a subject. A theme refers to a central idea, whereas a subject is the topic of a work of art or literature.

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