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as a noun, 'third' refers to someone or something in the third position or to one of three equal parts of something.

'third' can represent the person or thing in the third position. It can also refer to one of three equal parts of a whole.

The third of the class will participate in the play.

I divided the chocolate bar into thirds and gave one third to my brother.

The first two attempts failed, but the third was successful.

when using 'third' as a noun to indicate a fraction, it's common to use it in the plural form 'thirds' to refer to multiple parts (e.g., 'I cut the cake into thirds').

Don't confuse the noun usage of 'third' with 'one third.' While both can indicate fractions, 'one third' emphasizes the quantity more explicitly.


as an adjective, 'third' describes the ordinal position of something, indicating it comes after the second and before the fourth.

'third' is used to describe the order of items in a sequence. It can also be used to describe fractions, indicating one of three equal parts.

She lives on the third floor of the building.

The third chapter of the book is the most exciting.

I'll have a third of the pizza, please.

don't confuse 'third' with 'three.' 'Three' is a cardinal number, indicating quantity, while 'third' is an ordinal number, indicating position. When indicating fractions, 'a third' means 1/3.

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