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as a demonstrative pronoun, this is used to refer to something that is not immediately present but can be identified. It can also be used to introduce a new topic.

1. This is the best restaurant in town.

2. This is what I had in mind.

3. This may be the solution we have been looking for.

When using 'this' as a demonstrative pronoun, there are a few things to remember. When referring to an abstract concept or idea, use 'this' and not 'that'. Conversely, use 'that', not 'this' to refer to something that already known or previously mentioned. 'This' can be used as an adjective to describe a preceding noun. In general, it's important to pay attention to context when using 'this', making sure that it matches the noun or pronoun it stands for. Always be sure to carefully consider the circumstances before using 'this' in a sentence, as it can lead to confusion and misunderstandings if used incorrectly.


as an article, 'this' is used to refer to something that is already known, either previously mentioned or immediately present. It can also be used to refer to an idea, plan, or thing.

1. This is the tenth time I've had to remind you.

2. Let's take this nice weather as an opportunity to go for a walk.

3. This is going to be an exciting year for the company.

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