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an adverbial 'thus' is used to describe how an action is performed, emphasizing the manner in which something happens. It can be used to illustrate a sudden or decisive change in an action or statement or to act as a synonymous substitute for 'hence,' 'accordingly,' or 'therefore.' It is mainly used to indicate an abrupt or unexpected outcome.

rules and use cases for its usage as an adverb include using 'thus' at the end of a sentence, ensuring that it is preceded by a comma, as well as not using 'thus' as a substitute for 'such.'

The team applied the brakes suddenly, thus coming to a halt.

The witness lied in court, thus complicating the case.

The politicians intended to employ new tactics, thus signaling a change in their agendas.

common mistakes include misplacing it within the sentence or following it with an additional adverb.

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