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as an adjective, 'together' describes a state of being organized, composed, or emotionally stable. It can also sometimes describe a close relationship between two people.

When 'together' is used as an adjective, it typically modifies nouns, providing more information about the nature or state of the noun.

She's a very together person, always organized and on top of things.

After years of therapy, he feels more together and at peace with his past.

They are such a together couple, always supporting each other.

'Together' as an adjective is less common than its adverbial usage. It's often used informally to describe someone who seems well-organized or emotionally stable. It can be a bit colloquial, so it might not be suitable for very formal contexts.


as an adverb, 'together' describes the manner in which an action is performed, indicating that it's done in conjunction, collaboration, or close proximity with someone or something else.

When 'together' is used as an adverb, it typically modifies verbs, providing more information about the nature of the action in relation to unity or joint effort.

They worked together to complete the project on time.

The children played together in the park.

We need to come together as a community to address this issue.

'Together' as an adverb often emphasizes unity, collaboration, or simultaneous action.

It's important not to confuse the adverbial form with the adjective form. For instance, 'They live together' (adverb) vs. 'They are a together couple' (adjective, though this usage is less common).

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