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as an adjective, 'tried' describes something that has been tested and proved to be reliable or true.

it's often used in the phrase 'tried and true' to describe methods, techniques, or things that have consistently shown positive results or reliability.

This is a tried method of solving the problem.

We'll stick to the tried and true techniques that we know work.

He's a tried member of our team, always dependable.

when using 'tried' as an adjective, it's essential to ensure that the context clearly indicates that you're referring to something tested and proven, not the past action of attempting something.

It's common to see 'tried' paired with 'true' in the phrase 'tried and true,' but it can stand alone as an adjective as well.


'tried' is the past tense and past participle of the verb 'try.' As a verb, it indicates the action of attempting or making an effort to do something in the past.

'tried' is used to indicate a completed action of attempting something that happened in the past. It can be used in various contexts, such as attempting a task, testing something, or putting someone on trial.

I tried calling you several times yesterday.

She tried the dress on, but it didn't fit.

The defendant was tried for theft.

'Tried' is always in the past tense when used as the simple past form of 'try.' It should not be used to describe present or future actions. In the context of legal proceedings, 'tried' can mean to examine and determine a case judicially.

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