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a truth is a noun that means a verified, tested, and accepted fact, description, or opinion. Truth implies accuracy, truthfulness, validity, veracity, trustworthiness, sincerity, and reality. For example, if something is said to be true, it means the statement is accurate; if something is factual, it is true.

truth is used to refer to facts, occurrences, or answers to questions that are accurate and reliable. It can also refer to opinions that many people find to be true or valid.

1. I was hoping to find the truth at the bottom of the matter.

2. The truth of the situation was revealed after careful investigation.

when referring to truths or facts, it is important to be specific and accurate. Be sure that the truth you are vocalizing is supported and not simply an opinion. Additionally, it is important to note that truth is not always absolute; there are different opinions and beliefs that may differ from one's own truth.

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