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Tuesday is a noun in the English language, used to refer to the second day of the week. While Tuesday has its roots in the names of historic gods, modern usage employs it to refer to the weekday itself. For example, someone may say 'I have a meeting on Tuesday', which references the date itself.

1. I am so excited for Tuesday - it's going to be a great day!

2. The company picnic is scheduled for next Tuesday.

3. Can we move our meeting to Tuesday instead?

Tuesday should always be capitalized when referring to the day of the week.


when 'Tuesday' functions as adjective, it describes something that is related to, characteristic of, or happening on Tuesday.

it's used to modify nouns, giving more information about the noun in relation to Tuesday.

It's not typically found in comparative or superlative forms since days of the week are not graded in that manner.

I have a Tuesday meeting that I cannot miss.

The Tuesday crowd at the restaurant is always light.

She's wearing her Tuesday uniform.

while 'Tuesday' can function adjectivally, it doesn't change form. It remains 'Tuesday' whether used as a noun or adjective. Ensure that the context makes it clear that 'Tuesday' is being used to describe a noun, rather than referring to the day itself.

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