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as an adjective, 'underlined' describes something that has a line drawn beneath it or something that has been emphasized or highlighted.

it's used to describe nouns that have been given emphasis through the act of underlining.

The underlined words in the document are the ones you need to focus on.

I noticed the underlined passages in your book; they must have been significant to you.

The underlined items on the list are mandatory.

when using 'underlined' as an adjective, ensure that it's clear from the context that you're describing something that has been emphasized or literally underlined.


as a verb, 'underlined' describes the action of drawing a line beneath a word or phrase to give it emphasis or to indicate that it's important.

it can be used literally, referring to the physical act of underlining text, or figuratively, indicating emphasis or importance.

She underlined the important dates on the calendar.

The teacher underlined the key terms we needed to know for the test.

His actions only underlined his commitment to the cause.

don't confuse 'underline' with 'underscore.' While both can mean to emphasize, 'underscore' can also mean to draw a line beneath, but it's less commonly used in that sense.

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