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An adverb is a word that modifies or describes a verb, adjective, or other adverb. Unfortunately is an adverb that describes or emphasizes an action or feeling, conveying a sense of sadness or regret. For example, one might say 'Unfortunately, I cannot attend the event.' In this sense, 'unfortunately' emphasizes one's feelings of being sad about not being able to attend the event.

Unfortunately is usually placed at the beginning of a sentence. Its primary purpose is to emphasize a feeling of sadness or regret. When used in this way, 'unfortunately' generally has a negative connotation.

1. Unfortunately, the movie theater closed down permanently last week.

2. I’m sorry, but unfortunately the item you ordered is out of stock.

3. Unfortunately, our team was not selected for the tournament.

if used too often, 'unfortunately' can become repetitive or monotonous. It should be used sparingly, as a way to emphasize a negative connotation. Be aware of improper spelling when using this word; it should be spelled 'unfortunately', not 'unfortunatly'.

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