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an adverb is a part of speech that is used to modify adjectives, verbs, clauses, or other adverbs. Unusually is an adverb that suggests something is out of the ordinary in comparison to a norm or expectation. It's often used to emphasize the lack of expectation or to amplify the conspicuousness of a subject. For example, it's unusual for a giraffe to be seen in a city, an unusually large crowd gathered at the protest, or the unusually hot weather this summer.

1. The unusually hot weather this summer has been uncomfortable for everyone.

2. His unusually long hairs caught the attention of everyone in the room.

3. She arrived unusually early, which caught me off guard.

when using ‘unusually’ in an adverb form, it must be followed by an adjective or another adverb. Some common mistakes associated with using it as an adverb include using it out of context, leaving out the word ‘unusually’ when it is needed, or mistakenly using it as an adjective.

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