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Used as an adjective has a few meanings, most commonly expressing that something is familiar or previously owned. For example, 'I bought a used car for a good price.' Additionally, used in this form can also serve to indicate something is no longer in use, 'My used computer is no longer working.' or to show that something has been subjected to wear and tear, 'This used couch I bought had a rip in it.'

1. I was able to buy a used laptop that was in excellent condition.

2. My used phone was only a year old and still worked perfectly.

3. I need to buy a used shirt for this costume party.

When used as an adjective, make sure to note that it cannot express a negative opinion of something. Also, note that used in this form cannot be used alone but should instead be used in combination with a noun, as illustrated in the examples.


used is a verb, which is a past form of the word 'use.' The primary meaning of the verb used is 'to take,' 'to make use of,' or 'to handle something.' In addition, used can also be used in the sense of 'to put into practice' or 'to habituate,' as seen in 'I used to go there every week.' Finally, used as a verb can be a form of the past tense of the verb 'to use,' as in 'I used the word ‘euphemism’ earlier.'

1. She used to never go to the park, but now she always takes the kids.

2. We used the phone to call for help.

3. Have you ever used a compass before?

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