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the adjective form of 'various' describes something that is composed of multiple distinct elements or a set of diverse items. Its function is to convey that the object or concept referred to is a diverse, wide-ranging mix of elements that come from different sources or categories.

the word is typically placed before or after the noun or noun phrase it is describing. For example, 'a various collection of books' or 'a collection of various books'.

1. The multilingual student excelled at their coursework in various languages.

2. I had to wade through various texts to find the information I was looking for.

3. Numerous cultures have various customs that citizens adhere to.

avoid using 'various' when describing just one or two items. Another word should be used, such as 'different' or 'separate'. Additionally, 'various' should usually be followed by plural nouns to accurately reflect its intended meaning.

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