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as a noun, 'video' refers to the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images. It can also refer to a short film or movie, especially one made digitally.

'video' can refer to the technology or method of broadcasting or recording moving images. It can also denote a specific recording, such as a movie, TV show, or a clip made using a camera or smartphone. In modern contexts, it often refers to digital content viewed online, such as on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

I watched an interesting video about space exploration on YouTube.

The video quality of this camera is outstanding.

She's editing her video for her school project.

'Video' can be used in various contexts, so it's essential to provide enough information to clarify whether you're referring to the technology, a specific recording, or the medium in general.

In the digital age, 'video' often implies content that can be streamed or viewed online, but it's always good to specify the context if there's any potential for confusion.


as an adjective, 'video' describes something related to or involved in the production or playback of moving visual images.

'video' can modify nouns to indicate that they pertain to the technology or medium of moving visual images. Common nouns that 'video' can modify include 'video game,' 'video conference,' 'video player,' and 'video call.'

He's playing a video game on his computer.

We have a video conference scheduled for 3 PM.

The video quality of this streaming service is top-notch.

when used as an adjective, 'video' is typically placed directly before the noun it modifies. Be cautious not to confuse 'video' with 'audio,' which pertains to sound rather than visual content.

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