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the adjective visible is used to describe something that is able to be seen, either through physical sight or through other means such as acknowledgement or insight. It functions to provide a description of something that can be recognized or that is obvious.

when visible is used as an adjective, it typically immediately follows the noun it is modifying. It can also be used to refer to something being seen for the first time or to emphasize the obviousness of a certain thing.

1. In the distant horizon, a visible mountain range can be seen.

2. It is becoming increasingly visible that the country is divided in its political views.

3. She was awarded a visible medal of honor for her heroism.

when using the adjective visible in a sentence, it should always immediately follow the noun it is modifying - avoid placing any words between. Additionally, be sure it is clear that when used in sentence, the word visible is referring to something being seen - make sure the context is clear.

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