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an adjective is a word that modifies (describes) a noun or pronoun, as in 'vivid colors.' It typically describes an attribute of the modified word, in this case describing the colors as being bright and intense.

fittingly, vivid is used similarly to terms such as 'intense,' 'bright,' and 'strong.' It is similar in meaning to 'general,' but with more specific connotations of strength, clarity, and oftentimes physicality. Vivid is used when describing images, colors, language, feelings, and much more.

1. The vivid colors of the sky, illuminated with soft pinks and oranges, made for a stunning horizon.

2. After the movie ended, she was left with vivid memories of the night before.

3. His vivid imagination led him to come up with some truly out of the box ideas.

while 'vivid' is very similar to 'intense,' 'general' is not a replacement for 'vivid.' As 'vivid' signals a higher level of intensity, the word should be used appropriately. Additionally, when used to describe language, 'vivid' can sometimes be associated with negative connotations, thus it should be used with caution and sensitivity.

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