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a voyage is a noun that means a journey taken by sea, air, or land, typically to a distant place. It is often used in the context of a journey or exploration, especially one involving an extended period of time. Voyage can also describe the course of a journey, including its distance and duration. In the English language, the word voyage has two distinct meanings depending on context. It can be either a singular instance of a trip, or the general concept of travel.

it is naturally used in the singular form, but can be made plural if referring to more than one journey.

1. She left on a voyage to Australia and did not return for five years.

2. Our voyage lasted over a month, as we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

3. After years of planning his voyage, the explorer finally set sail the next morning.

when used as a noun, voyage does not require any modifiers, adjectives, or adverbs to convey meaning. It usually appears in the context of travel or exploration and is rarely used for short trips.

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