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as an adjective, 'wanted' describes something that is desired or sought after. It can also refer to a person being sought, typically by authorities.

'Wanted' can be used to describe an item or person that someone wishes to obtain or find. It's commonly seen on 'wanted' posters or advertisements.

The wanted criminal was last seen in the city center.

There's a wanted ad in the paper for a vintage guitar.

She's the most wanted player on the team because of her skills.

when using 'wanted' as an adjective to describe a person, it often has a negative connotation, implying that the person is being sought for wrongdoing. Be cautious with its use to avoid unintended implications. Don't confuse the adjective form with the verb form. Context usually clarifies the intended meaning.


as a verb, 'wanted' denotes a past desire, need, or wish for something or someone. It can also indicate a past lack or deficiency of something.

'wanted' can be used to express a past desire or need. It can also be used in passive constructions to indicate that someone was being sought, typically by authorities.

She wanted a slice of cake but there was none left.

I wanted to visit Paris last summer, but I couldn't.

He was wanted by the police for questioning.

be cautious not to confuse the past tense use of 'wanted' (indicating a past desire) with its passive use (indicating someone was being sought). 'Wanted' is not used to express a current desire; for that, 'want' in the present tense should be used.

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