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as an adjective, 'warm' describes the quality of being moderately hot, neither too hot nor cold. It can also refer to a friendly, kind, or enthusiastic feeling or manner.

'warm' can describe temperature, feelings, colors, and more.

The warm weather is perfect for a beach day.

She gave me a warm smile.

The room was painted in warm tones of red and orange.

'warm' can have both literal (referring to temperature) and figurative (referring to feelings or emotions) meanings. Context will usually indicate which meaning is intended.


as a verb, 'warm' means to make or become warm in terms of temperature.

'warm' can be both transitive (with an object) and intransitive (without an object).

I like to warm my hands by the fireplace.

The soup will warm you up.

The day began to warm as the sun rose higher in the sky.

be cautious not to confuse 'warm' with 'warn.' They sound similar but have different meanings.


as an adverb, 'warm' is used less frequently and typically means in a way that provides warmth or in a comfortably heated manner.

'warm' as an adverb is often used in the phrase 'dress warm.'

It's cold outside, so dress warm.

The blanket was wrapped warm around her.

'warmly' is more commonly used as the adverbial form of 'warm,' especially when referring to doing something in a friendly or enthusiastic manner (e.g., 'She greeted me warmly.'). However, in contexts like 'dress warm,' the word 'warm' acts adverbially.

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