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a wave is a movement of energy that travels through a medium, like air or water. Generally, a wave is created by a disturbance or vibration. Waves carry energy from one point to another, but the medium in which the wave is travelling remains in place. For example, sound waves travel through the air and ocean waves travel through water. This energy can be used to transmit information, as in the case of light and radio waves.

wave is usually used as a noun. It is often used to refer to a body of water, like an ocean wave. It can also signify a gesture of movement, such as a hand wave.

1. I can hear the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

2. The radio waves travel beyond the horizon.

when referring to a body of water, such as a wave in the ocean, it is no longer necessary to prefix the word with 'water.' When referring to a hand wave, the phrase 'wave of the hand' is commonly used.


a verb is a type of word used in relation to an action, event, or state of being. In the word 'water,' it functions as an action; namely, the process of supplying an area with water or the action of giving water to a person or thing.

1. The farmer watered his vegetable garden every day.

2. She watered the flowers before her presentation.

3. The firefighters had to water the grass to reduce the fire danger.

when used as a verb, 'water' is often used in combination with another verb for intensification (such as 'waterlogged,' waterproofed,' or 'watery'). Additionally, this verb is usually used in the context of a specific area, such as a garden or field.

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