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'well' can be used as a noun when it refers to a hole in the ground, typically with some type of enclosure around it, used to extract water, oil, gas, and other materials. Examples of such structures include water wells, oil wells, gas wells, and other similar structures.

rules associated with its usage include using the article ‘a’ when used for counting, e.g., ‘a well’.

1. I can hear water bubbling up from the well.

2. Workers are using drills to excavate an oil well.

3. The well is the only source of potable water in the area.

when referring to a source of water, it is important to note that a 'well' is typically a natural source, while a 'borewell' or 'dugwell' is a man-made source. Additionally, when referring to a deep hole in the ground, it is more common to use the term 'pit' rather than 'well'.


'well' can also be used as an adjective when it means in a satisfactory manner; ‘satisfactorily’; ‘properly’. It can be used to describe a particular situation, experience, or even an individual’s condition.

1. She performed well on the test.

2. Are you feeling well?

3. We’ve done quite well so far.

it’s important to note that when the word ‘well’ is used as an adjective, it is usually not followed by a noun or other adjectives. Furthermore, it cannot be used to describe a verb.


when used as an adverb, well is an intensifier that expresses approval and support. It can also be used to mean ‘really’ or ‘thoroughly’ and is commonly used to talk about an individual’s performance, appearance, knowledge, etc.

1. We did well on the project.

2. She looked well in the outfit.

3. He knows his chemistry well.

it is important to note that when the word ‘well’ is used as an adverb, it is usually followed by an adverb or verb. Furthermore, it cannot be used to describe a noun.

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