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'whereas' is used as a conjunction to contrast two statements or facts. It introduces a comparison between two situations, often highlighting a contrast or difference between them.

'whereas' is commonly used in formal contexts, especially in legal and official documents. It can introduce a reason or cause in contrast to another statement. Often used in resolutions and proclamations to state a condition or consideration.

He enjoys hiking, whereas his brother prefers staying indoors.

Whereas many people love the hustle and bustle of city life, others find solace in the countryside.

Whereas the first proposal was widely accepted, the second was met with criticism.

'whereas' is not the same as 'while.' While both can be used to contrast, 'whereas' is more formal and is often used to contrast larger ideas or situations, rather than specific actions. Avoid using 'whereas' too frequently in casual conversation as it can sound overly formal.

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