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as a noun, 'whole' refers to something that is complete or the entirety of something.

'Whole' can be used to denote the full amount, extent, or duration of something.

The whole of the cake was eaten.

As a whole, the project was a success.

The whole was greater than the sum of its parts.

'on the whole' is a phrase meaning 'considering everything' or 'overall.'


as an adjective, 'whole' describes something that is entire or complete, without any parts missing.

'whole' can be used to modify nouns to indicate completeness or entirety.

I ate the whole pizza by myself.

The whole town gathered for the festival.

She spent the whole day reading.

don't confuse 'whole' with 'hole.' They sound similar but have different meanings. 'Whole' can be paired with 'heartedly' to form the adverb 'wholeheartedly,' meaning with full sincerity or commitment.

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