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as a noun, 'wild' refers to a natural state or uncultivated, uninhabited, and unsettled areas.

refers to wilderness or areas untouched by civilization. Can be used to describe the natural habitat of wild animals.

The fox returned to the wild after its recovery.

Many species are losing their wild due to deforestation.

There's a certain beauty in the wild that can't be replicated.

when referring to the concept of wilderness or nature, it's often used in the singular form as 'the wild.'


s an adjective, 'wild' describes something that is untamed, uncontrolled, or existing in its natural state. It can also refer to something that is intense or unrestrained.

used to describe animals that are not domesticated. Can describe places that are natural and untouched by human development. Describes behavior or actions that are unrestrained or chaotic.

The wild horse roamed the plains freely.

They went on a hike in the wild mountains.

The party last night was absolutely wild!

'wild' can have positive connotations (e.g., a wild, beautiful landscape) or negative ones (e.g., wild behavior).


as an adverb, 'wild' is used to describe an action done without control or in a frenzied manner.

describes an action that is done without control or restraint.

The crowd cheered wild.

He was swinging his arms wild.

The wind blew wild through the trees.

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