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'will' is a modal auxiliary verb used to indicate the future tense or to express willingness, prediction, promise, or ability. When combined with the verb 'be,' it forms the future continuous tense, which describes an ongoing action that will occur in the future.

used to form the future continuous tense. Can be used to make predictions about the future. Can express a future state or condition.

She will be attending the conference next week.

By the time you arrive, the party will be in full swing.

They will be traveling to Europe during the summer.

'will be' is followed by the present participle (verb+ing) to form the future continuous tense. Avoid using 'will be' redundantly. For example, 'I will be hope to see you' is incorrect. Instead, use 'I hope to see you.' 'Will be' is different from 'will,' which can be used to indicate a simple future action (e.g., 'I will call you').

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