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as a noun, 'wind' primarily refers to the natural movement of air, especially in the form of a current of air blowing from a particular direction. It can also refer to breath as in the act of breathing.

used to describe the movement or direction of air. Can refer to a particular direction from which the wind originates (e.g., north wind). Can be used metaphorically.

The wind rustled the leaves in the trees.

The north wind brings cold weather with it.

The winds of change are blowing through the company.

'Wind' (referring to air movement) is pronounced like 'wihnd.'


as a verb, 'wind' refers to the action of moving in a twisting or spiral course or the action of turning or twisting something.

can refer to the action of moving in a way that isn't straight. Often used when talking about roads or paths that don't go directly from one point to another. Can also refer to the action of turning or coiling something, like a rope or a clock.

The road winds through the mountains.

She wound the scarf around her neck.

I need to wind the clock; it stopped ticking.

'wind' (referring to twisting or turning) is pronounced like 'wynd.' The past tense of this verb is 'wound.' Don't confuse the verb 'wind' with the noun 'wind' (air movement); they are homographs but have different pronunciations and meanings.

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