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winter is the coldest of the four seasons, occurring between autumn and spring. Winter is often associated with shorter days and longer nights, and usually experiences the lowest temperatures of the year. In the United States, winter lasts from December 21 to March 20.

when 'winter' is used as a noun, it generally refers to the season of cold weather and low temperatures which occur during the months of December, January, and February. It can also refer to other periods of cold and low temperatures, depending on the geographic location.

1. The city becomes alive with the first snow of winter.

2. We waited all winter for the promise of spring.

3. His eyes twinkled with the pure joy of seeing winter's first snowfall.

Be sure not to confuse the seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall, as each has very different characteristics and markers. Additionally, note that winter can only refer to a season in its capacity as a noun; attempts to use it as an adjective or verb may result in incorrect usage.


when used as an adjective, 'winter' describes something that is related to, characteristic of, or suitable for the winter season.

He bought a new winter coat.

The winter months can be very cold in this region.

They went on a winter vacation to the mountains.

When 'winter' is used as an adjective, it's not typically hyphenated with the noun it modifies, unless it's part of a compound modifier before a noun (e.g., 'winter-ready car'). It's essential to differentiate between the noun and adjectival uses. For instance, 'I love winter' (noun) vs. 'I bought winter boots' (adjective).

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