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with is a preposition used to indicate in the company of or in association with someone or something. Specifically, it is used to indicate the person, thing, or group someone is sharing an activity or experience with. For instance, one might say 'I went with my friends to the park' or 'He walked with a smile on his face'.

1. We are playing with our toys.

2. Let's go for a walk with our pet.

3. I will be spending the weekend with my family.

when referring to a person, the common phrase 'with whom' is usually not necessary. For instance, it would be more appropriate to say 'I went with my friends' rather than 'I went with whom my friends'. However, when referring to a thing or group, 'with which' is necessary. For example, 'We are playing with our toys' is correct while 'We are playing with our toys' is incorrect.

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