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as a preposition, 'within' indicates the inside or interior of something. It can also denote a specific range or limit, such as time, distance, or quantity.

'Within' can be used to show location inside a boundary or limit; a time frame; a range or limit in various contexts.

The keys are within the drawer.

I will finish the project within three days.

Keep your expenses within the budget.

'within' often implies a certain limit or boundary, so it's essential to ensure that the context makes the boundary clear. Don't confuse 'within' with 'with in.' The latter is not a standard phrase in English.


as an adverb, 'within' is less commonly used than its prepositional form. It typically means 'inside' or 'internally.'

'within' as an adverb can be used to describe something that exists or happens inside a particular place or medium.

The building was beautiful from the outside, and equally so within.

The heart of the matter lies within.

The castle's walls were imposing, but peace reigned within.

when using 'within' as an adverb, ensure that the context makes it clear that you're referring to the inside or interior of something.

It's less common to see 'within' used as an adverb in modern English, but it's still grammatically correct.

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