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as a noun, 'wont' refers to a custom or a habit.

it's used to describe a customary behavior or practice.

Daily exercise was her wont.

It was his wont to wake up early and meditate.

Reading aloud was a family wont.

be cautious not to confuse 'wont' with 'won't.' When used as a noun, it might sound particularly archaic to some.


as an adjective, 'wont' describes a habitual or customary behavior or tendency.

it's often used to indicate someone's usual behavior or practice.

She was wont to take a walk every evening after dinner.

The birds are wont to sing at dawn.

He is wont to reading before bed.

'wont' is often confused with 'won't,' which is a contraction of 'will not.' It's a less commonly used word in modern English, so it might sound formal or old-fashioned to some listeners.


as a verb, 'wont' means to be accustomed or used to a habit.

it's an older form and is not commonly used in modern English.

The cat wonts itself to sleeping on the couch.

He wonts himself to a strict routine.

She wonted herself to waking up at 5 am daily.

the verb form of 'wont' is rare and might sound very old-fashioned. It's easy to confuse this with more common verbs or with the adjective form.

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