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the verb 'write' is used in English to express an action of forming words, symbols, etc. on a surface with a pen, pencil, or other instrument, or with one's finger. Examples of this would be 'Please write your name at the top of the page' or 'I think I'll write a letter to my friends'. In the present tense it is conjugated as 'write', 'writes' and 'writing'. In the past tense the conjugations are 'wrote' and 'written'.

1.I am writing a book about my experiences.

2.I will write a letter to my mom last week.

3.My sister loves to write stories.

when using 'write' in the present tense, be sure to use the correct conjugation. Additionally, when writing in the past tense always use 'wrote' as opposed to 'writed'. Finally, be sure to take care when forming the words on the surface.

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