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yippee is an interjection that describes an expression of joy or excitement, typically one yelled out loud in celebration. It implies an excited feeling of elation with an overt display of happiness. It is often used to mark success or completion of something.

yippee is typically used in a positive context and in an excited tone. It is commonly called out in exuberant situations, generally ones in which the speaker is pleased with the outcome.

1. 'Yippee! We won the game!'

2. 'We got the promotion – yippee!'

3. 'Yippee, it’s the weekend!'

an important note to remember is that while yippee is an expression of joy, it is usually used to mark a focus accomplishment, as opposed to just a general feeling of happiness. Additionally, it is often yelled out loud rather than said, and should be used with enthusiasm.

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