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as a pronoun, 'you' is a second-person pronoun that refers to the person or people spoken to. It is both singular and plural, so whether the person being referred to is one individual or many, the pronoun does not change.

'You' is always used when addressing someone directly, whether formally, informally, or within a particular context such as writing an email, making a request, etc. In all situations, 'you' should be used to refer to the person or people being addressed.

- Could you please help me with this?

- I think you are really smart.

- You must read this book.

it is important to remember that, although both 'you' and 'your' have the same basic root, they do not mean the same thing and are used in different capacities. 'You' should be used when referring to the person or people being addressed, while 'your' is used to modify a noun.

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