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your is the possessive adjective of the second-person singular pronoun. It is used to refer to a specific thing or quality associated with someone. It is similar to the possessive adjectives 'my' and 'his', but it changes to 'your' to denote possession by the person being addressed, and it is considered more polite than 'my' or 'his'.

- This is your book.

- Is that your car?

- Your success is well-deserved.

when used as a possessive adjective, 'your' is typically followed by a noun. Take extra care to avoid making mistakes with noun agreement when using 'your' in this way.


your is also used as an indefinite pronoun that can refer to all people in general. It is similar to the pronoun 'one', with the difference being that 'one' implies a feeling of distance from the conversation and 'your' is more inclusive.

You can do your best.

when used as an indefinite pronoun, 'your' is usually followed by a verb in the infinitive form so that it can refer to the action as a whole. It is also used to encourage the listener to take a particular action.

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