Unsatisfied vs Dissatisfied

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What’s the difference between them?



not pleased or content; used with non-human things.


1. The unsatisfied machine continued to malfunction despite attempts at fixing it.

2. His unsatisfied craving for adventure led to a spontaneous road trip.

3. The unsatisfied demands for better facilities prompted the management to reevaluate their services.



not pleased; refers to people.


1. Employees were dissatisfied with working conditions, voicing concerns to management.

2. The dissatisfied customer left a scathing review about the restaurant's service.

3. Dissatisfied with her job, she explored new career opportunities for greater fulfillment.

Learn similar and opposite words to spot the difference




1. Discontented

2. Unfulfilled

3. Dissatisfied

4. Restive

1. Content

2. Fulfilled

3. Pleased

4. Gratified

5. Appeased


1. Unhappy

2. Displeased

3. Discontented

4. Unfulfilled

1. Pleased

2. Content

3. Satisfied

4. Delighted

5. Ecstatic

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Unsatisfied", "Dissatisfied".

1. Use 'unsatisfied' when describing non-human things or entities. It implies a lack of contentment or fulfillment in objects, conditions, or situations.

2. Reserve 'dissatisfied' for describing the discontent or lack of pleasure in people. It refers to the emotional state of individuals who are not pleased with something.

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Frequently asked questions

In what situations should the word 'unsatisfied' be used?

Unsatisfied is used when someone is not content with a result, situation, or outcome. For example, you may be unsatisfied with your final grade on an exam or the quality of the food you ordered at a restaurant.

When is the appropriate context for using the word 'dissatisfied'?

Dissatisfied is used when someone is not pleased with something that is less than expected in terms of people actions. For example, you may be dissatisfied with the customer service you received or the amount of effort put into a project.

Do the two words share the same pronunciation?

No, the two words have different pronunciations. Unsatisfied is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, \ ʌn-ˈsat-əs-ˌfaɪd\, while dissatisfied is pronounced with the stress on the second syllable, \dəs-ˈsat-əs-ˌfaɪd\ .

What are some common mistakes people make when using these words?

One common mistake is using the two words interchangeably. While they have similar meanings, the connotation of each word is slightly different. Unsatisfied implies that something is lacking, while dissatisfied implies a stronger displeasure with the situation. Additionally, some people mistakenly pronounce the words the same way, when they actually have different pronunciations.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. The customers were _____ with the poor service at the restaurant.

2. The plant remains _____ because it hasnt received enough water.

3. Even after eating a large meal, his hunger was _____.

4. Many employees were _____ with the changes in the company policies.

5. The machine was _____ with the amount of power it received, leading to malfunction.

6. If you are _____ with your current product, please let our support team know.

1. dissatisfied

Explanation: The sentence is referring to customers, which are people. Therefore, dissatisfied is the appropriate word to use.

2. unsatisfied

Explanation: The sentence is about a plant, which is a non-human entity. Hence, unsatisfied is the correct term.

3. unsatisfied

Explanation: Hunger is a non-human concept, so unsatisfied is the appropriate word choice here.

4. dissatisfied

Explanation: The subject of the sentence is employees, who are people. So, dissatisfied is the right term to use.

5. unsatisfied

Explanation: The sentence refers to a machine, a non-human thing. Unsatisfied is the appropriate choice in this context.

6. dissatisfied

Explanation: The sentence indirectly refers to you (the user of the product), so dissatisfied is the correct term as it pertains to people.

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