Keiki: Best Learning App for Kids

Looking for cool apps for kids that spark their curiosity and build essential skills? The best among apps for children is here! Designed for toddlers to schoolers, the Keiki App features the top educational games, personalized learning paths, and a safe, baby-friendly interface environment. 


Let a fun educational journey for your kid come true!

Joy of Learning Games

When learning feels like a fun game!


Dive into award-winning educational games, each full of fun and challenges tailored to a child's level. From math, reading, and writing to creativity and other basic skills, the games make kids' learning a continuous activity.

Video content

Cartoons, songs, fairy tales – Keiki App offers a variety of content for sleeping, calming, car rides, learning, and more. Animated and story-based videos help reinforce learning through visual storytelling.

Puzzles & riddles

Develop cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities with mind games and puzzles. Use the best tools for enhancing your child’s logical thinking.

Hands-on activities

Enjoy 100+ hands-on printable activities. Colorful worksheets help you balance your child's learning and make it more effective.

Task Completion


Dive into award-winning educational games, each full of fun and challenges tailored to a child's level. From math, reading, and writing to creativity and other basic skills, the games make kids' learning a continuous activity.

Unique Learning Adventure

  • - 01

    Toddler Calm kit

  • - 02

    Family Playdate kit

  • - 03

    Getting ready for Kindergarten kit

  • - 04

    Preschool worksheets

  • - 05

    Thriving with ADHD kit

  • - 06

    Daily schedule for learning, etc.

Make Learning Fun and Engaging

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Letters & Handwriting

Develop strong basic writing and letter recognition skills with interactive games that make learning to spell and write fun and engaging.


Instill a love of reading with engaging activities that will help improve your child's reading skills. The kid will learn to combine initial letters with typical syllables to read words.


Improve basic math skills with counting games and activities that turn numbers into a fun adventure, helping your child master basic arithmetic.

Logic & Memory

Boost your child's cognitive abilities with puzzles and memory games, improving their problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

Social-emotional skills

Cultivate your child's emotional intelligence and social skills with games that teach empathy and self-awareness. And prepare your child for successful interactions with Keiki in kindergarten, school, and real life.

What parents say

29826 Michael J GonzalezMay 14, 2024

This is an excellent education tool. We have a 4 year old that loves Keiki, his native language is Spanish but we use the application in English and he has become proficient in it.

User100915Oct 11, 2023

I got this app with my 3 year old in mind. We do home schooling at home and it’s a simple stress free way to incorporate fun activities into learning! With progress reports on how the learning plan it is a great way to make sure what we are talking about and learning connects through the app as well!

newedlandApr 13, 2024

My two-year-old loves this and plays almost every day. She is constantly learning and Keiki World is a positive aid in her development. A definite recommendation to anyone who wants a great app to develop their child’s motor skills, word & number recognition, and more.

MamaButteryflyOct 26, 2023

I absolutely love this app my daughter seen an ad for it and asked me to download it and ever since we’ve been hooked very educational and so easy to navigate definitely 10/10.

Mateos & Kai’s momOct 14, 2023

I’m a teacher and believe in having a strong foundation before kinder begins! Keiki does just that. If you are looking for an educational game this is perfect for getting your kiddo ready for school. I highly recommend it! Love the worksheets that come with it as well.

People often ask

How does Keiki App personalize my child's learning experience?

Keiki allows you to create a personalized profile for your child. Set up your account and choose the appropriate age for your child's personalized learning journey.

Can I track my child’s educational progress on Keiki App?

Absolutely! The Keiki App has progress-tracking features that allow you to monitor a child's educational development over time.

Is Keiki App safe for my child? How do you ensure privacy?

Safety and privacy are top priorities at Keiki App. The app is a completely safe, ad-free learning environment that meets all child protection regulations. We do not share children's personal data. Furthermore, the materials are expertly reviewed and recommended by parents.

What makes Keiki App stand out from other educational apps?

Keiki App stands out from other best kids apps due to its personalized learning paths, interactive and fun educational games, multi-device compatibility, and curated content by educational experts. It is dedicated to providing a top-notch learning experience for children of all ages.

Designed to make screen time fun and educational, the Keiki App enhances intellectual development while entertaining your child. Age-appropriate learning games help kids master essential skills for kindergarten or school. Approved by educational experts and parents, Keiki ensures your child's time is valuable and enjoyable.

How does Keiki App make learning fun for children?

Keiki App is created to inspire curiosity, creativity and love of learning in young minds. The platform makes education fun for kids by offering engaging subjects (Math, Reading & Spelling, ABC, Handwriting, Speech development, and more), interactive mini-games, funny cartoons, songs and fairy tales, colorful worksheets, and much more. Games will turn screen time for children into an exciting adventure to discover the world!

Can Keiki App be accessed on various devices?

Yes, the Keiki App is designed to be multi-device compatible, which means it can be used on tablets and smartphones, Android or iOS. At home or on the go, your child can continue learning on the platform that best suits your family's needs. Also, take advantage of offline access to activities in the app for uninterrupted learning.

How do I get started with Keiki App?

Start your learning journey with the Keiki App in just a few clicks. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play, create an account, and begin exploring a wide range of educational content. Join the Keiki World today and transform your child's learning experience.

What age range is Keiki App suitable for?

Keiki App is designed for children from toddlers to pre-school and elementary school. The content is carefully segmented to match different learning stages, ensuring that it is age-appropriate and satisfies the needs of each age group.