Bedtime Stories for Kids

Make bedtime the most exciting and cherished part of your child's day with enchanting stories on the Keiki App. Enjoy a diverse collection of magical night time stories and fairy tales — and let your kid have sweet dreams every night.

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Make Bedtime the Best Time

Bedtime stories

Discover an extensive collection of quick bedtime stories to read online, perfect for making your child's night-time routine magical and engaging.

Educational tales

Your kid benefits from stories that mix entertainment and learning, teach valuable lessons, and spark curiosity.

Fairy tales

Enjoy magical tales that carry your child to fantasy worlds full of adventure and wonder.

Nursery rhymes

Have a good time with great nursery rhymes that are amusing and foster your child's love of language and rhythm.

Speak English Confidently

Join the Keiki app and discover a treasure trove of the best bedtime stories that delight and soothe your child.

Keiki App: Perfect Nighttime Companion

Interactive and engaging storytelling

For a quick and delightful night-time routine, choose a bedtime story short enough to captivate your child's imagination without taking too much time.

Audio stories for listening pleasure

The app is perfect for a child's nighttime listening and relaxation routine. Use Keiki to tell a bedtime story with audio tracks easily.

Offline access to stories

Get offline access to your child's favorite bedtime library with new fairy tales that are updated regularly. So you never have to interrupt your kid’s bedtime routine.

Parental controls and progress tracking

The parental controls and progress tracking features allow you to monitor your child's reading and listening activities and see their progress.

Interactive and engaging storytelling

For a quick and delightful night-time routine, choose a bedtime story short enough to captivate your child's imagination without taking too much time.

Unlock the World of Bedtime Stories

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What parents say


This is an excellent education tool. We have a 4 year old that loves Keiki, his native language is Spanish but we use the application in English and he has become proficient in it.

App Store

I got this app with my 3 year old in mind. We do home schooling at home and it’s a simple stress free way to incorporate fun activities into learning! With progress reports on how the learning plan it is a great way to make sure what we are talking about and learning connects through the app as well!

Google Play

This app is amazing for my twin toddlers! They are learning so much so quickly it's fantastic! I have zero worries about them being ready for school when it comes!


I like that Keiki's learning plan separates numbers and letters. I haven't seen this feature in other apps, and it makes a big difference. It's a unique and helpful approach for my child's learning.


My daughter loves getting on this app. She’s 4 and it’s easy for her to use, she does most of the things on the app on her own. I love that for her.

Age-appropriate content for every child

Enjoy a wide range of good bed time stories for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children, perfect for helping your child unwind and drift off to sleep. Feel calm knowing your child is exploring a safe, enriching, and age-appropriate world with the Keiki app.

People often ask

What types of bedtime stories can we find on the Keik App?

The Keiki app offers a wide range of bedtime stories, including fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and educational tales, ideal for children of different ages. Select a story to savor and create magical bedtime moments with your little ones.

How does the Keiki App suit different age groups?

The Keiki App offers age-appropriate content tailored for diverse age groups (toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children). It guarantees engaging and suitable activities that align with their developmental stage. Additionally, the app includes guidelines on screen time limits based on the child's age, promoting a healthy balance between digital interaction and other activities.

Can stories on the Keiki App be accessed offline?

Certainly! With offline access to good bedtime stories on the Keiki App, you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. This feature is ideal for bedtime reading, listening on the go, or while out and about.

Are there any audio stories available for my child?

There are! The Keiki app features a collection of audio stories created to engage and soothe your child. These audio stories are calming and enjoyable bedtime routines, perfect for relaxing after a busy day. Your child can listen to their favorite stories and fall asleep with peaceful, entertaining tales.

Can I monitor what my child is reading on the Keiki App?

Yes, the Keiki app includes parental controls and progress tracking. Thus, you can monitor your child's reading habits and ensure they access appropriate content.

How can I be sure that the app is safe for my child?

The Keiki app puts your child's safety first. Our platform offers a safe, ad-free environment for uninterrupted storytime. In addition, we provide parental controls that allow you to monitor and manage your child's activities, ensuring that they only access age-appropriate content. All our stories and materials are carefully selected and reviewed by experts to provide a safe and educational experience for your child.