Keiki Children's Book Collection

Unlock the world of books for kids and let your little one's imagination flourish. The Keiki App's collections of exciting stories for toddlers, preschoolers, and schoolchildren ensure a magical reading adventure for every child.

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Kids Universe of Stories and Learning

Kids book collections

Enjoy a wide range of children books, from classic tales to new adventure stories, suitable for different age groups, interests, and reading levels of kids.

Reading fun

Transform reading into a fun adventure with Keiki's kids books online! Each book, from magical worlds to educational stories, is carefully chosen to spark your child's imagination and curiosity.

Interactive features

Bring stories to life with exciting read-along features, captivating animations, and interactive elements! Your little one will be delighted as the online books for kids unfold in dynamic, engaging ways.

Educational resources

Go beyond traditional kid books and explore educational content that covers important skills for children, such as math, science, life skills, and more. Learn and discover the world with fun!


Kids book collections

Enjoy a wide range of children books, from classic tales to new adventure stories, suitable for different age groups, interests, and reading levels of kids.

Turn your kid’s reading into a pleasant journey!

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Keiki: App for Kid’s Reading

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    Multi-device compatibility

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Jump into the exciting world of books with the Keiki App and enjoy interactive children’s books!

Learn the World by Reading


Looking for a helpful platform where your child can read and learn with joy?

Discover a fantastic collection of kids story books with the Keiki App! In the app, you can find a wide range of kids books online and exciting kids books to read, tailored to spark your child's imagination and love for reading. The vast app collection offers stories for every age and interest, from funny rhymes to captivating fairytales. See for yourself!

Why parents love Keiki

App Store

I got this app with my 3 year old in mind. We do home schooling at home and it’s a simple stress free way to incorporate fun activities into learning! With progress reports on how the learning plan it is a great way to make sure what we are talking about and learning connects through the app as well!

Google Play

Love it. Thank you so much for this app, it will help my child grown smart each day.


Great educational games for my kids, even better that it doesn't contain any ads. We tried several apps, but this one was the best for me. My 4-year-old daughter loves it. Great for preparation before she starts entering kindergarten.


My 18 month year old has learned so much because of this game!! She plays it on my tablet. Unbelievably impressed by all of what this game has to offer. She’s learned shapes and color sorting, animals, sorting items, numbers. Cute characters on those games are super cute and keep her engaged.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Keiki App choose books for children?

Keiki's team of experts selects a diverse collection of engaging, age-appropriate books that inspire a love of reading. The children's book collections are based on age, interests, and reading levels to ensure your child gets the most suitable and engaging content. You can also enjoy regular updates with new books and stories.

Can I track my child's reading progress on the Keiki App?

Absolutely! The Keiki app is designed to help you stay involved in your child's reading journey. With our parental controls and tracking features, you can easily check which books your child has read and how they are progressing.

Are there interactive books available on the Keiki App?

Absolutely! The Keiki App offers a variety of interactive books with read-along features and animations to make reading more engaging and fun.

How often does the Keiki App update its book collection?

The Keiki app ensures that your child's reading adventures are always interesting and relevant by regularly adding new and exciting kids book stories to the extensive library. The app offers a variety of interactive children's books for different age groups and interests. The regular addition of new content keeps your child's reading experience dynamic and encourages a lifelong love of reading.

Is the Keiki App suitable for preschoolers?

Yes! The Keiki app is created as an entertaining and educational tool for children of all ages, especially preschoolers. The app provides a variety of kid books that match their interests and reading skills.

Can my child use the Keiki App offline?

Definitely! You can enjoy not only online books for kids but also download them for offline reading so that your child can enjoy their favorite stories anywhere and anytime. Thus, you will always have exciting and educative stories at your fingertips to keep your child busy or entertained. Moreover, you can use any device, as the Keiki App offers multi-device compatibility.

How does the Keiki App ensure a safe reading environment for kids?

The Keiki App prioritizes child safety. It offers a parental control system to manage access to content and screen time. In addition, the app is completely ad-free, providing a distraction-free reading experience for children. So don't worry, and start your kids's reading journey!