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Join the millions of parents who trust Keiki to enhance their kid’s education. Enjoy interactive games, customized learning paths, and a child-friendly environment. And easily develop the skills needed for a successful 2nd-grade class. 


Start a thrilling learning adventure in the safe and engaging learning playground today!

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Watch Your Child Thrive!

Fun educational games to power up your 2nd grader's skills:


Plunge into a reading adventure with Keiki. Fun games and entertaining stories help your child understand letters and words and become a reading champion!


Plunge into a reading adventure with Keiki. Fun games and entertaining stories help your child understand letters and words and become a reading champion!


With playful activities and exciting math games, your child will learn numbers and counting in a flash, becoming a math whiz!

Social skills

Keiki helps your kid learn how to take care of themselves and make healthy choices. Your child will learn more about personal hygiene, cooking, daily routines, recycling, and other eco skills.

Creative thinking

Spark your child's imagination with Keiki's creative games! They'll solve puzzles, create amazing things, and express themselves in creative ways.

Logic & Memory

Get ready for a brain-bending adventure with Keiki! We have great puzzles and games that help kids become superthinkers, develop cognitive skills, and learn how to solve problems.

Engaging Learning with the Keiki App


Learning games

Award-winning learning games for grade 2 are crafted to challenge young minds, ensuring hours of educational fun.


Colorful worksheets

Task Completion

Brighten practice time with printable, colorful worksheets to reinforce key 2nd-grade learning skills.


Interactive cartoons

Enjoy a full range of content for 2nd graders – educational cartoons, songs, stories, and more.


Educational activities

Explore a wide range of interactive and engaging activities that encourage critical thinking and creativity.

Educational Adventure with Keiki App

Unlock a world of learning and fun with the Keiki App!

How to Start: Guide for Parents

— 01Download the ‘Keiki World’ app

Available on multiple devices, you can install the from your preferred app store (available on iOS and Android). Enjoy offline access so your child can learn anywhere and anytime.

— 02Create an account

Sign up to get a personalized profile for your second grader. Customize your child's personal account, choosing the appropriate age.

— 03Customize your learning plan

Select from customizable learning paths that tailor the educational content to your child’s needs at 2 grade. Track your kid’s progress from the first day, ensuring every minute spent on the app is an investment in the child’s future.

— 04Enjoy!

Explore a diverse range of interactive and engaging learning games and activities. Unlock the fun!

What parents say

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This app also helps reduce the mom guilt of handing your child a screen when you need to! You can ease your mind that they are learning and being engaged into beneficial games, videos and activities VS what some of the other apps you find for kids have!


One of the things I love most about Keiki World is that it covers a wide range of topics. From basic math and reading to science and social skills.


Big applause to Keiki World for the amazing printable worksheets. My child genuinely enjoys doing them. It's like witnessing magic, where they have fun while learning.


Thank you for providing an environment where kids can learn and have a fantastic time.


Finally, I found games for my children that will not harm them, but on the contrary, will make them happy! Thank you!

People often ask

What age group is Keiki App designed for?

The Keiki app is specially designed for children in their first months, preschoolers, and elementary students. All materials and games are approved by experts and parents to ensure they align with the child's needs and capabilities.

How does Keiki App ensure a personalized learning experience for my child?

Keiki App features customizable learning paths that adapt to your child’s unique educational needs and pace, ensuring a tailored learning experience that caters to their strengths and topics for improvement.

Can I monitor my child’s learning progress on Keiki App?

Absolutely! You can access progress tracking to stay informed at every stage of your child's learning process. You keep up-to-date on their achievements and areas where they may need more attention.

Is the content on Keiki App safe and appropriate for children?

Yes, all content on Keiki World is educator and parent-approved, ensuring it is educational, safe, and appropriate for children. The secure, kid-friendly environment lets your child learn and have fun without any worries.

How can Keiki App help improve my child's grades?

Keiki App enhances classroom learning through interactive educational activities, solidifying essential skills for school success. With our app, your child can boost their reading, writing, and math abilities while also developing logical thinking and social skills important for thriving in school.

What makes Keiki App different from other educational apps for children?

Keiki transforms screen time into a delightful and educational adventure for your child! Dive into our award-winning learning games, captivating videos, and over 100 hands-on worksheets designed to optimize the learning experience. With Keiki, you won't have to search for ways to engage your child – they'll be asking to play and learn with Keiki!

Can Keiki App be used on different types of devices?

Definitely, Keiki App is available on various devices, including tablets, smartphones, and computers. With easy synchronization between devices, your child can learn on the go or at home, with or without an internet connection.

How do I start with Keiki App for my child’s learning adventure?

Here's how you can unlock a world of learning fun for your child. First, download the Keiki App from the App Store or Google Pay to your device, then create an account and track your child's progress. With just a few clicks, you can customize a personalized learning journey that meets your kid's educational needs. Now, they're ready to explore a world of fun and educational games designed to help them thrive in second grade!